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Massage Therapy

LaFay Family Chiropractic Massage Therapist, Brittany Bushfield

Brittany Bushfield

An Anniversary

This month, our therapist Brittany Bushfield is celebrating her one-year milestone in Massage Therapy.

Her Specialty

One of the main aspects of massage Brittany specializes in is rehabilitating and restoring functioning range-of-movement to muscle and tendon injuries. She does this by stripping out and removing scar tissue and uses deep-tissue work to increase muscle capability as well as circulation throughout the body.

Lasting Benefits

Her goal is to get you off those pain medications, decrease and eliminate restriction and guide you onto the path of a healthy, positive, state of mind and body.


Book in with Brittany today, and see the changes you’ve always wanted tomorrow.

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  1. Ron Schier says
    Oct 28, 2015 at 6:07 AM

    Beautiful work getting all my scar tissue out from around both my knees ...tendons, MCL ligament, & meniscus damage. Both knees are now at 100%. Speeding up my recovery. Wonderful improvements in my muscles after yoga (for 30 mins each day), & gym workouts > muscle tightness, improved blood flow, especially around my knees & feet. > easing inflammation of ligaments, tendons & muscles. Thanks. I Highly recommend Brittany.

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