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New Patient Reviews

Very Satisfactory Adjustment

I was referred to Dr LaFay by my previous chiropractor who has moved out of the area. He was described to me as being the best chiropractor in Stratford to do cervical adjustments. During my first visit with Dr LaFay, he was able to make a very satisfactory adjustment to my neck. I shall continue seeking his services.
-Doris L.

I’m Turning Into a Believer

This type of healing is all new to me but I was desperate for help in relieving my aches and pains. From my very first adjustment I began to feel better. I have had three adjustments in a month and the results are unbelievable! I am getting my old battered body back in alignment and I’m turning into a believer in this type of healing! At 60 this says a lot! Thank you.
-Annie D

Extremely Thorough and Knowledgeable

My first visit was very comfortable and informative. Everyone from reception to the Doctor were extremely nice and seemed to be truly happy to be there and doing what they do. I felt my needs were being met as well as hopeful after the planned treatment is done that the end result will be a good one. I already feel better after one appointment!! Dr. LaFay was extremely thorough and knowledgeable. I would strongly recommend anyone in need of chiropractic care to the office. Thank you for a great experience and I look forward to continuing my care at LaFay Family Chiropractic.
-Jennifer L.

Terrific Results

I found Dr. LaFay to be an excellent listener and I really appreciate his collaborative approach. I received the treatment I was looking for with terrific results, so I immediately booked my next appointment on my way out!
-Laurin P.

Wonderful Experience

I was in an emergency situation and I was given an appointment right away. I talked to the administrator (Ingrid) on 3 occasions in less than 1 day. Wonderful experience and the most comfortable and welcome I’ve ever felt as a new patient in any office. Thank you!
-Joan D.

Friendly Staff

All front end assistants and Dr. LaFay are courteous, friendly and have answered all our questions satisfactorily. We have all been treated with the greatest respect and Dr. LaFay has helped us all to feel better after our visits and throughout the week. We would strongly recommend his services to anyone.

-Al A.

Happy You Are My Team!

I am happy you are on my team as well! I am doing well, walking every day, stretching every day and paying attention to my alignment. I am very grateful for your help in facilitating the healing of my bulged disc and so grateful I did not need surgery. I have not had any recurrence of the sciatic pain that rendered me out of commission for those 4 months.

-Karen G.